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Australia-Wide Deep Cleaning, Disinfection, Decontamination Cleaning & Forensic Cleaning Services

Coronavirus COVID-19 is top of mind for Australian businesses and keeping facilities clean is crucial to both slow the spread of the virus and to keep your staff and customers safe. 

BBK Cleaning provides professional deep cleaning, disinfection cleaning, decontamination and forensic cleaning of business facilities and public spaces nationally, whether preventative or in decontamination of areas where infected people have been present. 

Forensic and outbreak cleaning is a specialised service and entails a much higher level of cleaning compared to general cleaning. We are outbreak and contamination cleaning specialists.


For the past 20 years, our cleaning services have been used by:



Deep Cleaning vs Forensic Disinfection / Decontamination cleaning in prevention of Coronavirus infection

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to preventative cleaning. Many of the above mentioned facilities find themselves in a situation whereby they are concerned about the health and safety of their staff, patrons, residents etc and therefore require a specialised cleaning service that differs from their daily, standard cleaning service. 

This type of service is specialised and requires the use of chemicals designed for disinfection purposes. Deep cleaning provides businesses and management with the assurance that they have gone beyond their standard daily cleaning service and have provided an environment which is disinfected to current health and safety guidelines.


Disinfection / de-contamination cleaning

De-contamination cleaning is a process whereby all surfaces, areas and the likes are treated with specialised chemicals to minimise the spread of viruses (including Coronavirus COVID-19) within that space. 


What does this service entail? 

This service is highly specialised and requires not only the correct use of cleaning agents, techniques and equipment but also the use of specialised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

When carrying out this type of cleaning, we will need to assess high-traffic areas, the extent of the outbreak, entry and exit points to the areas as well as various other factors. 

Our service is based upon the following steps: 

1. Cleaning of all areas - clean or dirty. For example floors may need to be high pressure cleaned or scrubbed 

2. Disinfecting. Specialised chemicals and applications will need to be used in this step. 

What we do: 

1. All surfaces are wiped down and cleaned of any visible dirt 

2. All surfaces are then treated with our specialised chemicals as above 

What areas are treated? 

We treat ALL areas and surfaces. This is what differentiates forensic/deep/de-contamination cleaning from normal cleaning.

Our staff

As we have provided this very service to many of our clients in the past in response to outbreaks, all staff are highly skilled and trained for forensic and outbreak cleaning. Our staff attend the site wearing the required PPE. All staff possess certifications on infectious control cleaning, these certifications can be sent upon request.